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Home Warranty

  • If selling your home, consider purchasing a home warranty; this can be a very valuable selling tool and give potential buyers peace of mind with items such as appliances, hot water heater, or heating and cooling units.
  • Review the warranty contract carefully so you understand exactly what it does or does not cover and what the dollar limits may be.
  • Ask about premium rates based on optional deductibles.
  • Research the company’s history carefully, such as length of time in business and history of satisfaction.

Hiring a Home Inspector

  • Be sure certification and licensing is current
  • Ask what type of insurance they carry, such as work comp and liability
  • Inquire as to what report will be provided, what information is included and do they provide photos
  • Make sure you understand exactly what the home inspection does or does not cover

Homeowners Insurance

  • Review and understand exactly what your policy covers
  • Understand coverage specifics such as flood insurance from a storm as opposed to interior water pipe breakage
  • Ask about premium rates based on optional deductibles

Title Insurance

  • Know the difference in the various types of insurance such as mortgage title insurance versus owner’s policy.
  • Inquire as to title coverage search and protection relative to past, existing, or future potential liens.

Remember to utilize the services of your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau, and attached links to learn more about a company:


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